If you really want to learn about your true self, just take a look at what you order for lunch. You may not think much about what you have for a midday meal, but it could reveal a lot about your personality. Don’t believe us? Read on to discover what your go-to lunch order says about you.

Chicken Tender Basket
If you’re eating lunch out, you’re eating chicken tenders, preferably served in a paper-lined basket with a side of hot, crispy fries. This is your order, regardless of the restaurant, day of the week or dining companions.

If this describes you, it means you’re a very strong-willed person. You know exactly what you like to eat, and you go for it. Every. Single. Time. Why order something you might not like? After all, you only get an hour for lunch. This is no time to take risks, and there is no risk of talking you out of your favorite meal.

Having a cheeseburger at lunch? You’re probably also going skydiving on Saturday. That’s because you’re a rather adventurous type. If you like to try everything on your burger, from fried eggs to pimento cheese, you probably seek out the biggest adrenaline rushes. But even if you stick to the basics—lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles—you’re still up for a grand adventure whenever the opportunity arises. Cheeseburgers and eating are like quests and exploring. More burger means more fun for you.

Sandwich, Soup or Salad
When you see the soup-and-salad combo on the menu, your eyes light up. That’s because you’re goal-oriented. You’re already thinking about what comes next before you even look at the menu. You want something quick and easy so you can get in, out, and on with your day. Since you’re also reliable, you don’t want to risk being late to your next appointment by ordering something that takes a long time to prepare. You’re up for whatever is delicious yet convenient, and always down for a steal. This is because your personality is all about strategy and being prepared. You do what works best for you.

If you like to eat your lunch wrapped neatly in a corn tortilla, your friends should get ready for fun. That’s because people who prefer tacos like to laugh and have a good time. You’re definitely the fun friend who likes to mix it up and be spontaneous. You may be a little bit unpredictable, but that’s what people love about you. Life is always a party when you’re in the mix! The shell of a taco may hide its contents, but once it’s bitten into, there is often a welcomed explosion of flavor. This allegory describes both you and a taco.

Choose this all-American classic and let your wisdom and maturity shine through. If you prefer steak over all other options, you are wise beyond your years. People come to you for advice and help. After all, you’ve been there and done it all, so family and friends know they’ll receive thoughtful counsel from you with your classy meal choices. You’re a savory member of the group that takes your time on the journey.


Grab Your Favorite Lunch at McCray’s Smyrna

Your favorite lunch says a lot more about your personality than you might think. Check out what your friends and coworkers order the next time you dine out. Will their orders surprise you? Or was it obvious? How much did their food choice reveal about them?

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