Cocktails at McCrays


When you think draft, chances are you’re thinking about the foamy head and crisp carbonation of beer on tap. But these days, look around. Chances are you’ll see a lot more menus advertising draft cocktails at your favorite Lawrenceville bar or restaurant. But what are draft cocktails, and why are they so popular? Read on for everything you need to know about draft cocktails.


What is a draft cocktail?

Draft cocktails are pre-mixed drinks, batched and poured into kegs. Unlike standard cocktails, which are made to order in small quantities, draft cocktails are made to please a crowd. Recipes for draft cocktails may be simple or complex. And while some people prefer the flair of a bartender making individual drinks in person, kegged cocktails offer some distinct benefits, like speedier service, consistent quality, and more fully merged flavors


How are draft cocktails made?

Draft cocktails are made in advance using high-quality ingredients and spirits in bulk. Instead of crafting individual drinks, bartenders mix ingredients on a larger scale to produce more servings in one batch. While individual cocktails would be served immediately, large batch recipes allow time for spirits to open up and flavors to fully merge. Using the same technology for dispensing beer, gas-powered draft cocktails allow for drinks to be served quickly while maintaining peak freshness. At McCray’s Tavern, our draft cocktails are made with fresh ingredients then tapped and served fresh at the bar or your table.


What’s the benefit of draft cocktails?

Why do we love draft cocktails?

They’re convenient. Even on the busiest night, draft cocktails move fast. Instead of waiting for spirits to be meticulously measured, mixed, and presented, draft cocktails are always ready, with no shaking and no stirring.

They come with carbonation. The forced carbonation system adds a bit of bubbly effervescence into every drink. Lighter, and more refreshing, draft cocktails are fun and fizzy, too.

They’re consistent. Draft cocktails are consistently good. Made in big batches, chilled, and allowed to rest for the flavors to merge, these cocktails deliver the perfect drink experience every time. The drinks don’t sit for long, though. Batch cocktails are made fresh throughout the day, so you always receive the freshest, high-quality drinks.

They’re made to share! Order a glass or order a pitcher and share with the table. Draft cocktails are great for groups and gatherings at the bar or a table. Order a round for the group or allow everyone to choose their own. Either way, you won’t be waiting to start celebrating!


Stop by McCray’s Lawrenceville for Draft Cocktails

McCray’s Tavern Lawrenceville is serving cocktails on draft 7 days a week. Try our whiskey sour, made with Town Branch bourbon, cola, amaro, and lemon, or go tropical, with Pineapple Jalapeño Margaritas featuring Dolce Vita Tequila, brovo orange, serrano, jalapeno, and fresh agave.

This December, join us for draft cocktails, and a very special Christmas pop-up on our heated rooftop patio! We’re keeping things cozy with holiday-themed craft drinks, food specials, and magical holiday decorations overlooking the Lawrenceville Square. It’s going to be a season to remember, make plans to join us!