It’s draft season! And we aren’t talking Fantasy Football, we’re taking cocktails!

Much like draft beer, draft cocktails are kegged and pushed through a gas-powered tap line for pouring. We filter our cocktails mixes multiple times to ensure a thorough blend of ingredients and flavors within your glass. Ideal for quick service, and perfectly mixed every time, these large batch cocktails definitely belong on the to-drink list for your next night out!


Whiskey Sour

The whiskey sour cocktail has satisfied thirsty drinkers for more than 150 years. While the exact origin is unknown, the first printed recipe appears around 1862 in the famous “Jerry Thomas Bartender’s Guide.” Our draft whiskey sour is made with Town Branch Bourbon, cola amaro, and freshly squeezed lemon, chilled to the ideal temperature. With dinner or for happy hour, there are few classic cocktails as quick to satisfy as this one.


Pineapple Jalapeno Margarita

Everyone loves a great margarita! We kick it up a notch with Dolce Vita Tequila, bravo oranges, serrano, spicy jalapeno, and fresh agave nectar. Poured over ice and served with a salted rim, this ice cold draft cocktail infuses top-quality tequila with sweet oranges and crisp desert agave for a refreshing drink every time. Sweet and spicy, it’s one of our most popular cocktails!


Pineapple Daiquiri

Cold and refreshing, daiquiris are a lot like adult slushies, and they’re perfect for any occasion. So grab your friends and gather around for some of the sweetest sips in town! Featuring Plantation Pineapple Rum and Kalani Coconut Liqueur, our pineapple daiquiri on draft tastes just as good for brunch as it does for late night.


Pair McCray’s Draft Cocktails with Meats from the Smoker

McCray’s Tavern draft cocktails are the perfect pair with entrees from the smoker. You’ll find slow-smoked wings, pulled pork, and authentic cubanos on our West Village menu. Join us on the heated patio, or inside for full-screen coverage of this season’s hottest games. From the World Series to the SEC Championship, McCray’s Tavern is where you can catch all the action. Grab a bite, watch some ball, and enjoy draft cocktails this fall. We’ll save you a seat!