Mother’s Day may come once a year, but let’s face it, moms deserve a break no matter what month it is.  On September 6th, moms are taking the day off! It’s Lazy Mom’s Day!

Help out with The Chores!
Moms work hard all year long, gathering up toys, sorting laundry, shopping for groceries– all those little chores really do add up. On Lazy Mom’s Day, encourage her to just let it all go. Let the dishes pile up!  Leave that pile of donations for another day! Even better, take care of them yourself so mom doesn’t have to worry about it in the future.

Give Her A Spa Day!
One of the best treats a mom can get is being allowed to sleep in, so let her snooze, or snuggle up with some binge-worthy shows in the morning. But for the ultimate Lazy Mom’s Day experience, send your wife or mom off to the spa while you wrangle the kids or handle any of those chores we mentioned.  Book a facial and a hair appointment, or send her for a massage and manicure and she’s sure to melt into a puddle of pure laziness.

Do The Cooking for Her!
Moms are known for ruling the kitchen, but it can be a lot of hard work. Grocery shopping, prep, cooking, and cleanup are the last things mom wants to deal with on her Lazy Day. Tell her to stay on the couch while you handle it! Better yet, take her out to eat so nobody has to clean! McCray’s Tavern in Smyrna can cater to all your Lazy Day dreams, from brunch to cocktails and everything in between. Start with Buffalo Chicken Rolls, treat her with Shrimp and Grits, and wrap it up with our epic Crispy Bread Puddin’ Bites. It’s just like mom would make (if it wasn’t her day off)! Of course, no day off would be complete without something to sip on. Mom is sure to love our Southern Afternoon Tea, a delicious cocktail with Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka and our very own house-made Lemonade.

Let’s be honest, Mother’s Day is great, but it’s rarely the relaxing day it’s made out to be. Forget the macaroni necklaces and burnt toast breakfast, just encourage mom to be lazy for a day! It’s the first Friday of September, so mark it on your calendar, or share this article with your spouse or kids to really drop some hints. With some extra sleep, fuss-free food, and a little pampering, mom is guaranteed to savor her own official excuse to be lazy. Join all the lazy moms on Lazy Mom Day, September 6th at McCray’s Tavern in Smyrna, where we’ll be serving up delicious meals she doesn’t have to cook. Don’t forget the drinks! Make a reservation today at your local Smyrna bar! 678.370.9112

Celebrate Mom on National Lazy Mom’s Day

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