You can bake ‘em, you can mash ‘em, you can cover them in cheese, but our favorite form of the potato
is hot, crispy, and fried. They’re by far one of the most popular side dishes in the United States, where
the average American eats about 30lbs of them a year. July 13th is French Fry Day, and this is a holiday
we can really sink our teeth into!

Is The Fry Really French?

The origin of French Fries is somewhat disputed, even to this day. Both the French and the Belgians
claim to have invented the dish, and it’s often said to have been discovered by American soldiers during
World War I. But other sources point to the old-English verb to french, or to cut lengthwise, as the origin
of the name, and it seems the term “french fries” was in use in the United States as early as 1899.
Thomas Jefferson is even said to have requested "potatoes served in the French manner" for a White
House dinner in 1802.

A Different Fry Across The World

It’s not just Americans who love french fries. In Canada, Poutine is an iconic dish made with fries, brown
gravy, and cheese curds. In the UK, they call them chips, and they’re often served with fried fish, while
the Spanish serve chunky fried potatoes topped with spicy tomato sauce. French fries are also popular
on sandwiches and gyros in some parts of the world. For example, the chip butty is made up of two
slices of bread, french fries, butter, and occasionally other condiments like brown sauce or mayonnaise.

We’d Be Lost Without The Sauce

When we think fries, we often think ketchup, but there’s a whole world of condiments in which to
plunge this crispy salty treat. France may have the most dipping options, with specialty french fry shops
offering everything from aioli to curry mayonnaise to peanut sauce. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom,
french fries are frequently dipped in malt vinegar for a taste similar to salt and vinegar potato chips. But
if you’re looking for something truly different, try dipping them in your milkshake for a delightful sweet
and salty, hot and cold experience.

Sprinkled with salt or covered in chili and cheese, french fries are our favorite. Paired with a great burger
and an icy cold drink, you can’t beat these warm, golden crispy potatoes. Get your fry on with the best
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