There isn’t really a wrong way to drink craft beer. But there is a better way. Whether you are just entering the beer drinking scene, or if you just aren’t familiar with the hoppy, flavorful brews,Craft Beer we’ve got some basic tips for drinking craft beer that will make you look like a seasoned pro.


  • Choose the right beer. Craft beer is known for its focus on hops. But if you aren’t a regular beer drinker, or if you’re not a fan of hops, craft beer might be more bitter than what you prefer. Scotch Ales or Belgian Tripels are a good option for beer that is light, dry, and not overly sweet or hoppy.


  • Choose the right flavor profile. Craft beer offers endless flavor profiles, which is part of the reason why they’re so exciting. Brewers incorporate a variety of ingredients to create innovative taste profiles. Earthy vanilla, tart lemon, sweet caramel, or light citrus notes dominate or play together in every sip. Pay attention to color. In most cases, it’s possible to determine the taste of craft beer based on the lightness or darkness of the drink.


  • Choose the right meal. Like wine pairings, craft beers traditionally pair well with specific foods. Light beer compliments lighter proteins in dishes like Woodfire Scottish Salmon or a Classic Caesar Salad. Dark beer, with its notes of caramel or chocolate, is sturdy enough to compliment our half-pound prime beef Grizzly Burger.


  • Choose the right glass. While there is no wrong way to drink craft beer, the best way to drink craft beer is with the proper glass. Brewed in small batches to perfect the art of beer, every pour should smell great, look beautiful, and taste delicious. Pilsner glasses are ideal for pale lagers that have a lot of carbonation, while tulip glasses are well suited to capture the stronger aromas of double IPAs and Belgian Ales.


  • Drink it! Beer is meant for drinking, so take a big mouthful and let it wash across your tongue. Holding the beer in your mouth for just a few moments allows it to warm and release its full range of flavorful vapors. Pause in between sips to process the aftertaste and aromas before taking another sip. 


  • Order another. There are a wide range of craft breweries specializing in unique small batch recipes. While you can’t try them all in one sitting, beer flights allow you to sample a variety of flavors and brands. Start with lower ABV beers that are lighter in color before moving on to heavier, stronger beers to avoid overwhelming your palate.


Get Craft Beer on Tap at McCray’s East Cobb

McCray’s Tavern East Cobb serves the biggest selection of craft beer in the bottle and on tap at our Marietta restaurant and bar. With an incredible bar selection, terrific food, and top-notch service, it’s a local favorite for casual lunch with friends or dinner with the family. Wondering which craft beer to order? Ask your waiter or bartender for suggested pairings, beer of the month specials, and personal recommendations.