Galentine’s Day Ideas for 2021


Though Galentine’s Day is a made-up holiday started by a popular television show in 2010, we’ve yet to hear an argument that it is less valid a holiday as any other. This celebration of female friendship and the love we share between gal pals is just as important in our minds as Valentine’s Day, which is a celebration of romantic love between partners. This year, we’ve rounded up a few ways to help you take your Galentine’s Day to the next level.


Send a Sweet Treat

We’re firm believers that you can never grow out of sending Valentine’s Day cards to  your gal pals! From hand written notes put in the post to virtual greeting cards, your friends will be excited to receive a token of affection from you. You can also go bigger with a box of chocolates or a bouquet of flowers delivered to their door: Galentine’s Day is the best time to get creative with your gestures and show your friends how much you love them.


Have a Virtual Party 

Virtual parties have become popular this past year, for everything from baby showers to weddings, so that friends and family can participate without having to travel from their homes. The same can be done for Galentine’s Day, and there are tons of ways to make it fun! Have a cookie contest to see who can decorate the cutest cookie, or have everyone mix up the same cocktail recipe. You can also make it easy by having everyone keep their sweats on and order takeout. Whatever you end up doing, the most important thing is connecting with your BFFs near and far. That’s what Galentine’s Day is all about, after all.


Donate to a Women’s Shelter

Along with being a day to celebrate cherished friendships,  Galentine’s Day is also a great way to honor solidarity among women you may not even know. Consider making a donation to a charity that works to support disadvantaged women or girls in your area, or call your local women’s shelter and ask how you can help. These organizations often have lists of their most-needed items, and Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to purchase and take those items to an appropriate drop-off place.


Take the Girls for Brunch at McCray’s Tavern

At McCray’s Tavern Midtown, we’re celebrating love all weekend with our Galentine’s Day Brunch. February 13 or 14, round up your pals for our famous Midtown brunch menu, consisting of your favorite sweet and savory dishes as well as bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. We promise you’ll leave full, both of love and delicious food!