It Feels FancyBrunch in Midtown Atlanta

There’s something about brunch that just feels grown up, put-together, and downright fancy. Maybe it’s because we’ve all longed to repeat those Sex and the City-esque scenes where gal pals get together and talk about their fabulous lives, sipping Bloody Marys and nibbling dainty pastries. Or maybe it’s the floral centerpieces, the tablecloths or the champagne flutes filled with mimosas that invoke an air of civility. Whatever it is, we can’t get enough of the weekend brunch vibes. There’s never been a meal so Instagram worthy, and we don’t mind if you document every second.


It’s Breakfast AND Lunch 

It’s self-explanatory, we know, but any meal that combines two meals into one has to be great, right? Brunch combines everything we love about breakfast food (the sweetness of fruit, the mapley-goodness of syrup and waffles, the ungodly amounts of bacon) with all the best parts of lunch (fried chicken, paninis and all things savory), and tops it all off with (oftentimes bottomless) alcoholic beverages. You don’t have to convince us!


Brunch Cocktails 

Bloody Marys and Mimosas are staples on the brunch scene, and for good reason. A good Bloody Mary bar can become a meal in itself, with toppings ranging from a simple speared olive to a slider (or two). And mimosas, served bubbly and bottomless, are hard to pass up. Add to that menu a series of classic brunch cocktails and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect Sunday. 

Best Brunch in Midtown: The Week-Ender at McCray’s

If you’re looking for the best brunch in midtown, McCray’s Tavern has you covered. Our Week-Ender menu contains everything you need to enjoy the perfect brunch. Stop by today!