Whether you have a slight case of the munchies and just need a hearty snack to curb your urge or you’re just warming up for the main event, an order of 6th Street Nachos or Tavern Chips from McCray’s Tavern are a great way to go. But how do they stack up when compared to each other?

6th Street Nachos

Nachos rarely disappoint and the 6th Street Nachos at McCray’s Tavern are no exception. Piled high with cheese, black beans, jalapenos, and sour cream these nachos, as is, are also gluten free and vegetarian.

It doesn’t have to stay that way though. You can add things to your nachos for better flavor and greater heartiness. Among the toppings you can add to your nachos to really make a meal of them, are the following:

  • Guacamole
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Chili

Not only is this a hearty snack and a great warmup for almost any meal on McCray’s menus, but it is also mouth-wateringly delicious. Don’t even think about ordering this one to share. Someone is going to feel left out.

Tavern Chips

Teaming with overall deliciousness, Tavern Chips from McCray’s Tavern are the perfect kick start for a great meal. Light enough to feel like a snack or appetizer yet delicious in their own rights, Tavern Chips come with a flavorful gorgonzola cream, bacon (who doesn’t love bacon, right?), tomatoes, green onions, and more.

If the fragrance doesn’t draw you in and leave you wanting more, the flavor will certainly do the trick.

Which One is Better?

Each dish offers something special to diners looking to supplement meals on an evening out or those looking for something a little light on heaviness, without sacrificing flavor. Either makes a great addition to any meal so you will ultimately have to choose which dish to try tonight. Of course, if you are truly adventurous, you may simply decide to give both a try!