From zodiac signs to your favorite color, numerous seemingly quirky things give us a peek into a person’s true personality. For instance, water astrology signs such as Cancer of Pisces are considered intuitive, sensitive and mysterious. If your favorite color is red, some believe you have a bold personality that leaves a lasting impression.

And, chicken wings and personality traits have more in common than you might expect. What you like to put in your mouths speaks volumes about what’s going on inside that head. These are some things you might want to know about your dinner date when he or she selects a wing type.

  • HOT: You are either the big man on campus or the belle of the ball. Either way, people generally like you. Although less robust personalities in your party make you feel pressured to go mild when sharing wings, smile and order a blue cheese side coolant. You’re liked for being bold. Embrace your 5-Alarm personality.

  • MILD: You are an affable dining companion who knows how to mingle at a party or enjoy intimate one-on-one conversion. But don’t mistake the mild-mannered personality for wallpaper. You are the glue that holds friendships together.

  • Sriracha Honey: Not every wing lover has just one personality, and you got a whole bunch under that mild-mannered demeanor. The honey craving indicates you are sweet, but the contrasting sriracha says you are going in two or more directions all the time. You’re a duck. That cool persona above water hides those feet paddling like mad below the surface. People are fascinated by your complexities.

  • Lemon Pepper: Lemon and pepper are familiar flavors used all around us. But don’t think a lemon-pepper wing lover is ordinary. Quite to the contrary. They know how to enjoy the good things in life and possess a rare consistency. Besides, you don’t need a saucy wing flavor. You’re saucy enough already.

  • Alabama White: A mayonnaise-and-pepper sauce is considered outside the box in many parts of the country. However, European folks like to douse French fries with mayo. Although Alabama White wings are a Southern staple, ordering them points to an extroverted and worldly personality. You’re an explorer by nature.

  • Thai Chili: There is something a little rogue about Thai Chili lovers, and they are the outlaws of the bunch. They might not be running moonshine in a supped-up car, but there’s a twinkle in the eye that says, “I can be bad, in a good way.” Think Han Solo or Cat Woman.

Next time you’re out on a date or mingling with friends over wings, think about these wing-related personality traits.