Fun with friends at McCray's

Finding a sports bar that brings the right mix of great food, high-quality televisions, and a fun ambiance is one of the best feelings and what keeps customers coming back time and again. At McCray’s, we’re here to break down everything that makes a sports bar a great place to hang out!


The Best TVs

First and foremost, a great sports bar needs the greatest technology. Most people go to a sports bar for the ambiance and the food, but if the bar’s televisions are old, small, or not good quality, the effect of being at a sports bar is lost. Lots of televisions showing the game with high definition are essential to a good sports bar, and make it the best place to hang out. A sports bar that invests in its TVs is one that cares about its customers.


A Fun Ambiance

There is something about experiencing the big game with a bunch of other people that beats sitting at home by yourself. If you can’t be in the stadium cheering on your favorite team, the next best thing is being at your favorite local sports bar watching it among other loyal fans. The best bars have a fun atmosphere that encourages, cheers, yells, and all of the high energy generated from watching a tense sports game.


Bar Games

Sometimes, the energy at a sports bar can wane when there isn’t a big championship game on. That’s perfectly normal, and the best sports bars know how to cater to this situation with plenty of bar games, like pool, darts, foosball, or cornhole. If you can’t watch your favorite sports team compete, you can still get competitive with bar games! Many sports bars also offer trivia nights so teams can show off their knowledge and enjoy the company of others.


Great Food

Sports bars that are great hangouts have one thing in common: great food. From classics like nachos, wings, and burgers to more inventive menu items like shrimp and grits, meat loaf, and pimento cheese fritters, a sports bar is only as good as its food offerings. And an alcohol menu that includes craft beers, local wines, and even house-made cocktails is of course a staple at any great bar.


Come Watch the Game With Us!

Now that we’ve listed all of the great things about sports bars that make them the perfect place to hang out with friends, watch the game, and dine on some great food, you’re probably ready to head out to your local favorite spot! At McCray’s Tavern, we offer some of the best American cuisine in Lawrenceville, with elevated tavern favorites and an impressive bar menu. When you’re looking for a great sports bar near you, head to McCray’s!