If you love burgers, you’ve already got it: a solid mental image of the ideal burger with your perfect toppings. The bun. The cheese. The beef (or turkey; we don’t discriminate). At McCray’s Tavern, we’ve got a few ideas of our own about what sets a burger a few steps above the rest.

Our talented chefs go above and beyond in their search to craft the best burgers in midtown, and they’ve let us in on the secret of what distinguishes a good burger from a great burger. (Hint: ours are pretty great!)

The Meat

What makes a good burger? We’re going to have to say that meat is the most important element. Good burgers feature hot, juicy, well-seasoned meat. Great burgers go one step further, consisting of fresh, never frozen beef, and seasoned with a proprietary blend of spices perfected by the chefs at McCray’s.
Great burgers don’t skimp on the meat, either. Experienced chefs recognize that in great burgers, the patty is the star of the show, and should never be dwarfed by other burger accessories. The grilling process is equally important for a great burger. Burgers will always be cooked to your standards at McCray’s, with each patty becoming part of a mouthwatering masterpiece. And that’s only the beginning!


The Cheese

While good burgers include some tasty, melty cheese, great burgers can offer so much more. Think of it, several slices of the mouthwatering, high-quality, real cheese of your choice atop a piping-hot burger patty. Pepper jack? Sharp cheddar? Smoked gouda? Whatever you prefer, a great burger showcases it with panache. Get cheesy with your burger by decking it out however you like.


The Bun

Good burgers have decent buns that are able to contain their contents without falling apart. Great burgers have toasted, buttered buns that taste like the homemade bread fresh from your grandma’s oven. The buns are like the bows on a present, and their importance should be appreciated. They hold the burger together while it’s in your hands, showcase its beauty, and then with a bite allow you to reach the delicious contents inside.

At McCray’s Tavern, our burger buns are always warm and soft, but substantial enough to maintain their texture and hold all of their juicy, burgery contents together beautifully. We appreciate a great bun, and only serve the best because of it!


The Whole Grilled-to-Your-Satisfaction Package

Good burgers have the basics you need for life and happiness. You know, the burger staples: cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and maybe some bacon or some sauce to kick it up a notch. Some good burgers even go overboard with a ton of delicious stuff that doesn’t necessarily jive and is just meant to make up for what the burger patty lacks.

Great burgers keep it simple, featuring tried and tested and 100% reliable flavor combinations. They don’t throw 84 different savory flavors at you in the hope that they’ll impress you with their large selection rather than their quality. McCray’s burgers are all favorites. Some feature fancy combos like our Tavern Grizzly, with an onion ring, bacon, and cheddar cheese, or our Matador, with smoked Gouda, Guinness BBQ sauce, and pickled jalapeños. Every combination is a longtime favorite, and none go so far as to overpower the classic flavor of our beef patties. Our burgers are instead enhanced by a unique twist that can’t be found anywhere else.


Get a Great Burger at McCray’s Tavern Midtown

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