Looking to try something different for lunch? Whether you’re catching a break from work or headed out to explore East Cobb, McCray’s Tavern is serving up the freshest tavern lunch in Marietta, every day of the week!

What is tavern food?

What makes a tavern different from a neighborhood bar? While bars and taverns both sell alcohol, a tavern also sells food similarly to a restaurant. Historically, taverns were establishments where travelers could stop for rest, food, and drink while traveling on the road. They provided a communal place to rest and fortify before continuing the journey, where many people meant many mouths, and lots of customers to keep happy. For that reason, the food served in taverns would be hearty, simple, and of course, delicious. Today, there are no hitching posts or carriage houses out front, but McCray’s Tavern is still the perfect gathering spot for busy people on the go.

What to Order for a Tavern Lunch

Stop by for lunch at McCray’s Tavern and enjoy great tavern food before heading out to wherever you’re going next! It’s fuel for your day, and it’s served up quickly to get you there faster. Try one of our favorites, the tavern dip, which features our lightly toasted French roll, piled high with shaved slow-roasted prime rib, and topped with caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, and homemade horseradish cream. Served with fresh au jus for dipping, this traditional tavern fare is guaranteed to hold you over all afternoon. Or try the fish and chips, with crispy beer batter served with homemade tartar sauce and field-fresh coleslaw. This classic tavern combo is still a popular tavern lunch option across the pond, as well as right here in Marietta. Another great recommendation, the Tony Rigatoni, features fresh pasta tossed with grilled mushrooms and our own house vodka sauce, then topped with your protein of choice for a delicious meal to power you through the day.

McCray's meatloaf

Enjoy McCray’s Tavern Lunch Today!

Whenever your next adventure takes you, stop on the way at McCray’s for a tavern lunch! Inspired by a simpler time, we’re proud to serve up simple, homemade meals made from quality, garden-fresh ingredients. Relaxed, inviting and familiar, like the taverns of the past, we’re dedicated to offering honestly good food in a welcoming environment.

With burgers, wings, and southern staples like shrimp and grits, McCray’s Tavern brings all of the classic, indulgent flavors of the tavern lunch to East Cobb every day of the week. We’re open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday until 10 p.m., and Sunday until 9:30 p.m. We have outdoor patio dining, bar seating, and oversized booths big enough for the whole family! Don’t miss our weekly happenings, like Kid’s Night every Tuesday, which features $2.99 kids meals and half price wine specials for the grown ups. See you soon!