Despite what you may have heard, there’s nothing wrong with being single. In fact, there are a ton of recent studies showing that single people are actually happier, healthier, and more social than their married counterparts. With more time to pursue individual interests, more opportunities for personal growth, and (statistically) less credit card debt, there are quite a few benefits to being unattached. This November 11th we’ve got one more: it’s Singles Day, and it’s an international holiday! 

From China to the USA

What started as an “anti-Valentine’s Day” in China during the early ‘90s has turned into a full-fledged holiday. It began with a group of single friends at Nanjing University in 1993, and early observances involved harmless pranks (like purchasing every other seat in a movie theater to prevent couples from sitting together), singles parties, and other events to celebrate the single life. In 2009, the founder of Alibaba, a popular Chinese e-commerce site, decided to go big with Singles Day discounts, kicking off what may be the biggest day of sales in the world. Now, every 11/11, spending in China far outpaces America’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, as millions of people treat themselves to, well, whatever they want! In America, the discount sales aspect hasn’t quite caught on yet, but it’s still a popular day to observe. After all, while the holiday has definitely gone commercial, ultimately, it’s still all about celebrating yourself, your friends, and your family!  

Celebrate Being Single – Celebrate YOU!

Singles Day is all about treating yourself! Splurge on something you’ve been eyeing in the store, plan a dinner date with your single friends, and opt for desserts all around. It’s a great excuse to get your single friends together and appreciate what you have (like more discretionary funds, fewer legal liabilities, and according to many studies, better sleep). Afterward, curl up with a good book, or binge your favorite show on Netflix, and soak in the peace and quiet. You deserve it!

Have A Night Out with All Your Single Friends at McCray’s in Lawrenceville!

On November 11th, take Singles Day into Singles Night! Meet up with your solo friends at one of the best bars in Lawrenceville and celebrate the single life. With great food, unique craft cocktails, and an outstanding selection of beer on tap, McCray’s has what you crave! Call now to make a reservation! 770-407-6754


Frequently Asked Questions about McCray’s Lawrenceville

Does McCray’s have Gluten Free options?

Yes! Check out our menu and look for the GF symbol for Gluten Free items!

 Does McCray’s Tavern in Lawrenceville have seating for group events?

Yes! We have room for corporate events, rehearsal dinners, and parties of all sizes! Call today for catering information, or to schedule your next celebration at McCray’s Tavern!