The holidays are coming up quick, and there’s a lot to do to get ready. Thankfully, National Clean Out Your Fridge Day is coming up on November 15th, making it a great day to make room! If you’re hosting for the holidays you’ll be storing casseroles and ingredients for the big day, and if you aren’t hosting, you’ve got to make room for leftovers. So break out the sanitizing wipes and get ready to toss that science experiment growing in the back, it’s time to clean out the fridge!

A Little About the Holiday

National Clean Out Your Fridge Day is observed annually on November 15th, which is convenient, because it’s right before the Thanksgiving holiday, giving you plenty of time to clear out some space. Whether it’s expired salad dressing in the door or an old sour cream container in the far back corner, it’s easy to overlook things that need to go. While it’s definitely called for more than once a year, this annual reminder to clean out the fridge is a great time to make sure you’re ready to load it up again with fresh ingredients before hosting friends and family.

Tips to Organize Your Fridge 

Empty the fridge entirely, because we’re about to go full Marie Kondo. While everything is out, wipe down shelves and walls with sanitizing wipes, clean out the corners, and remove any drawers or racks so they can be washed with soapy water. Before you put everything back, check expiration dates and toss anything that’s expired or past its Best By date.

Wipe down jars, bottles, and containers before replacing to eliminate sticky drips and residue. Organize food and condiments by type with clear baskets and other containers designed to make it easy to see what you have. Line the bottom of crisper drawers with paper towels to soak up moisture and catch any stray onion peels, but make sure you toss them every couple weeks. Place kid drinks and snacks in lower drawers for easy access, and more frequently used items, like milk, closer to the front.McCray's Tavern

Give Yourself a Reward for All That Cleaning!

Once your refrigerator is cleaned out, it’s time to head to McCray’s Tavern in Midtown for great food and a cold craft beer with your friends and family. Save room for dessert, because when you get back home, you’ll have plenty of room in your clean fridge for to-go boxes!


Frequently Asked Questions about McCray’s Midtown Location

Is McCray’s Tavern kid friendly?

At McCray’s you’re sure to find something to make the whole family happy! With their own special menu, plus a dedicated kids’ night at our Smyrna location, kids of all ages love McCray’s Tavern!

Does McCray’s Tavern in Midtown have free parking?

Park in the covered parking deck next door and ask your waiter to validate your ticket for free parking!