Taverns provide an excellent environment for food and drinks. However, taverns can be intimidating, especially when it comes to cocktails. With endless combinations of spirits and pairings, cocktails are complex! At McCray’s, we want your experience at our Midtown tavern to be perfect, so we’re sharing a cocktail guide to help you order!


Looking for a Margarita? Try our Social Distillate!

Margaritas are cocktails that typically contain tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. Made with Arette Tequila, Hven Aquavit, and Topo Chico Lime, our Social Distillate is a refreshing take on this classic cocktail. If you’re searching for the perfect food pairing for this drink, look no further than our Tavern Tacos or Sixth Street Nachos!


In the mood for a Whiskey Sour? Then our Draft Cocktail is a must!

A Whiskey Sour is a classic cocktail containing bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, and simple syrup. At our Midtown tavern location, Whiskey Sours are kept on draft, so they are always available in a fraction of the time! Our Whiskey Sour is made with Town Branch Bourbon, Cola Amaro, and lemon. This cocktail is warm and bitter with herbal notes. While you’re at it, give our Smoked Turkey Club a try for the perfect smokey and slightly spicy pairing.


Want an Old Fashioned? You need to try McCray’s Private Select Old Fashioned!

An Old Fashioned is a popular cocktail made of whiskey, bitters, simple syrup, and an orange peel. At McCray’s, we collaborated with Makers Mark Distillery to create our signature Old Fashioned. Crafted with Pierre Ferrand Cognac, Angostura, Mole Bitters, and Demerara, our Old Fashioned is smooth and spicy with smokey notes. Try pairing this drink with our Sriracha Honey Wings for a complimentary sweet and spicy flavor you’ll adore!

Whiskey Sour @ McCray's

Do you love Martinis? The Elder is the drink for you!

Martinis are famous cocktails that contain gin and vermouth. The Elder is Midtown tavern’s take on a classic martini! Made with Old Fourth Gin, Combier Elderflower, BroVo Pink, and Fever-Tree Cucumber Tonic, The Elder is a sweet, floral drink guaranteed to satisfy anyone with a bit of a sweet tooth. Pair this drink with our Champagne Summer Salad for a similar sweet taste or our Salmon BLT for a contrasting spicy flavor.


Are you a fan of Daiquiris? Then, give our Draft Pineapple Daiquiri a try!

Daiquiris are popular tavern cocktails containing rum. At McCray’s Tavern Midtown, our Pineapple Daiquiris are kept on draft, so they are always available! Made with Plantation Pineapple Rum, Kalani Coconut, and Lime, our Pineapple Daiquiri has a sweet, tropical taste that pairs well with our Cubano or Roasted Pork Tavern Tacos!


Join Us at McCray’s Tavern Midtown for a Wide Selection of Tavern Cocktails

At McCray’s Tavern Midtown, we love cocktails! With a large selection of classic and unique cocktails, our Midtown tavern is sure to have a drink for everyone’s tastes. Whether a cocktail enthusiast or a tavern newcomer, we cannot wait to meet you!