New trends are taking place in America’s eating habits. Many people are becoming vegetarian or gluten-free because they want to be healthier, while other people have food allergies or sensitivities that lead them to those dietary choices. Whatever the case, that shouldn’t stop you from spending time with family and friends when they want to enjoy a night out on the town at a favorite restaurant. Here are some tips on finding gluten-free and vegetarian menu options while dining out.

What Exactly is Gluten?

Southern salmon chopped salad

Everywhere you go these days, it seems like you see mentions of gluten, which is found in grains like wheat, barley, rye and oats. It is also found in some other grains and other foods, and it is a common ingredient in prepared foods. Many people cannot tolerate gluten, as it causes them to have various symptoms like skin rashes, fatigue, digestive problems and more. Changing to a gluten-free diet eliminates all sources of those problematic foods.

What Kinds of Foods Can Gluten-Free People Eat?

There are many foods that people on a gluten-free diet can eat. They can enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, protein sources like meat and fish, oils like olive oil and coconut oil, nuts, seeds and more. For grain substitutes, people who are gluten-free can eat various non-gluten options like almond flour, rice, quinoa and more. Gluten-free options are popping up on more and more restaurant menus.

What Kinds of Food Can Vegetarians Eat?

Vegetarians do not eat any meat but still have a world of food options available to them, such as lentils, beans and tofu as protein sources. They can also eat a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains. The options go far beyond the stereotypical “rice and beans” meals. Restaurants typically offer certain vegetarian items on the menu.

Do Taverns Offer Gluten-Free or Vegetarian Items?

Even when eating out at restaurants, it’s still entirely possible to adhere to a gluten-free or vegetarian diet. At a tavern, there are many possible delicious foods. For vegetarians, many meals can be suitable choices, and a tavern typically offers special options, like creative salads, entrees containing non-meat protein and more. For diners on a gluten-free diet, many taverns offer specific menu items. Or items already on the menu can be prepared gluten-free, such as burgers with a gluten-free bun, fish or a delicious steak. Steer clear of sauces and dressings that may contain gluten though.

At McCray’s Tavern there are numerous items that are gluten-free, such as Southern Salmon Chopped Salad and Chicken Cobb. Farm House salad and 6th Street Nachos are both gluten-free and vegetarian. Other vegetarian options include Tavern Salad, City Caesar salad, SW Hummus and Pimento Cheese Dip. The options are many and varied for people with specific dietary needs and preferences. McCray’s is a beautiful setting where you can relax and enjoy creatively prepared, delicious dishes to suit various special diets. Come visit McCray’s Tavern in Midtown, Atlanta today!