Any sports fan knows that games are lengthy affairs. When you know you’re going to be in one place for several hours, it’s important that you have great food at the ready. Appetizers make a great game day food because they are easy to eat, easy to share, and most importantly, taste great. We’ve rounded up our favorite game day appetizers to give you some inspiration for your next game day menu. Whether you make these appetizers at home or stop by our Marietta tavern to hang out and watch the big game, you can’t go wrong!


While there’s certainly never a wrong time to eat nachos, game night is a particularly perfect time to indulge in cheesy goodness. At McCray’s, our 6th St. Nachos feature cheese, black beans, jalapenos, pico, sour cream, and guacamole, with the option of adding roasted pork, chicken, or steak. At home, you can customize this dish to include whatever fixings you’d like!

Chicken Wings

We can’t think of a more classic game day appetizer than chicken wings. Whether you prefer flats or drums, naked with a dip or coated in a delicious sauce, you can’t go wrong with wings. At McCray’s East Cobb, our jumbo chicken wings are one of the most popular menu items. Choose from bbq, lemon pepper, mild, hot, sriracha honey, thai chili, or reaper, all served with ranch or blue cheese dressing along with must-have celery and carrot sticks.

Buffalo Chicken Rolls

You probably know someone who makes buffalo chicken dip every time a crowd gathers at their home to watch a game. This crowd-pleaser is a staple at any get together, and at McCray’s, we’ve taken it up a notch! Our buffalo chicken rolls take the flavorful dip and put it in easy-to-eat rolls that are perfectly shareable and certainly delectable. Served with blue cheese, buffalo chicken rolls make the best game day appetizer.

Fried Pickle Chips

A step up from french fries and onion rings, fried pickle chips serve a kick, especially when paired with a chipotle aioli. Sliced, coated with seasoned flour and deep-fried to perfection, fried pickles make an excellent game day appetizer whether you’re at home or watching the game from your favorite local tavern.

Tavern Chips

Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple when you’re looking to sit back, relax, and enjoy a good beer with your favorite people. When you’re watching your favorite team, you need your favorite appetizer by your side. At McCray’s, our tavern chips are a specialty that our regulars order, well, on the regular. They’re also incredibly easy to make at home! Just pair chips with gorgonzola cream, bacon, tomato, green onion, and bleu cheese crumbles for a snack that’s as easy on the eyes as it is tasty.

Get Game Night Appetizers at McCray’s East Cobb

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for a big game to enjoy delicious appetizers. All of our appetizers are available on the menu year-round, whether your favorite team is playing or not. So if you get a craving for wings or fried pickles during the week, we’ve got you covered! Stop by McCray’s Tavern East Cobb today.