Fall offers some of the best patio weather in the south, with cool breezes and plenty of sunshine. Outdoor dining is the perfect way to socialize, and there’s nothing better than bringing your four-legged friend along for the fun. But there are a few pet etiquette tips you should know before visiting dog friendly restaurants. Check out our top suggestions for a “pawfect” trip to dog friendly patios nearby!


dog friendly restaurant

Keep Your Dog on a Leash at All Times

Your pup is most-likely very well behaved, but it’s just good manners to keep them on a leash at all times while visiting restaurants with dog friendly patios. Depending on local laws and ordinances, it may even be mandatory. Our best advice? To avoid roaming and potential accidents, consider attaching a shortened leash to your chair, not the table. The last thing you want is to see your dog drag a patio table away while they chase leaves across the flagstone.


Bring Your Own Bowl

It’s important to keep your four-legged friends hydrated while enjoying the day in Atlanta! Bring your own bowl to make sure you’re always prepared for quick access to water. If you’re traveling light, consider purchasing a collapsible silicone bowl for easy transportation and storage. To be polite, come prepared to clean up any minor messes from eating and drinking on the patio, or bring a mat. Tip: Mats or blankets can serve double duty in protecting your pup’s sensitive foot pads in hot or cold weather.


Be Mindful of Others

Looking for a dog friendly patio in Atlanta? Call ahead to check and confirm before you load up your pup and make the trip. Once you arrive, keep your dog from begging or wandering over to other tables. After all, just because it’s a dog-friendly patio, doesn’t mean everyone dining is a dog-friendly person. If you can find a corner table, it’s often easier to avoid foot traffic.


Looking for a Dog Friendly Patio? Head to McCray’s Smyrna! 

McCray’s Tavern has a dog friendly patio that’s perfect for enjoying these beautiful fall afternoons. With brunch served all weekend, and lunch options throughout the week, it’s the perfect spot to bring your favorite four-legged friends for Smyrna outdoor dining everyone can enjoy!