From endless mimosas to decadent french toast, weekend brunch is something many people wait for all week long. By melding the best parts of breakfast and lunch, you can enjoy a guilt-free mid-morning feast with friends and family alike. And what better way to truly kick off your relaxing weekend than with the sweet and savory mix of chicken and waffles.

Omelets and salads have become classic brunch choices in their own right, but the movement towards popularizing chicken and waffles has swept the nation and is sweet, salty, and completely satisfying with every bite. This dish with quintessentially Southern roots is comfort food to its very core, earning its place on brunch menus all over the country.

So what makes chicken and waffles so special? Let’s take a look.


Chicken and waffles


The Perfect Brunch Pairing

For those who have not heard of or tried this unlikely pairing, eating chicken and waffles together may seem to be an odd, even disgusting, pairing. However, in the vein of dipping your fries in your milkshake, people that try it often wonder how they have gone so long eating one without the other.

At the heart of this unusual dish are two foods that everyone loves: crispy fried chicken and fluffy, buttery waffles. Add some warm syrup on top, and you have an indulgent combo that is adored by all those that try it. It’s so popular in fact that there are many different restaurants famous for their chicken and waffles alone; they even have it in their name!


What goes with chicken and waffles?

If you would like to add a side dish to your brunch, you can’t go wrong with creamy mac and cheese. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment a little with your sides. Try out some crunchy bacon, fresh fruit, or even french fries. To finish off your meal, make sure to try out a glass of wine, craft cocktails, or a classic brunch beverage: mimosas.

At McCray’s Tavern, we offer our signature Bloody Mary and $5 mimosas during brunch hours every Saturday and Sunday. We also have craft cocktails on tap, including whiskey sours, pineapple jalapeño margaritas, and pineapple daiquiris, to take your brunch to the next level.


Try the Weekender Menu at McCray’s Tavern East Cobb

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