Like many great things, International Beer Day began in a local bar amongst friends. It has since grown into a global celebration of our favorite drink, with over 200 countries celebrating every Pairing beer with foodyear on the first Friday in August. There’s no real historical significance to the date, the dog days of summer are generally just a great time to enjoy ice-cold beer– and enjoy we shall! Join us this year as we raise a glass with beer-lovers around the world to toast the flavors we love and the people who provide it.

Beer has always been great, but recently, the craft beer movement has been pushing flavor profiles to the next level. Fruits, florals, and heirloom grains are at the forefront, highlighting unique tastes and aromas. It’s not just about catching a buzz, though. These days, beers have complex layers of flavors that vary according to where they’re produced, and by whom. From brewers to bartenders, and everyone in between, the beer industry is full of some incredibly dedicated, hard-working people. If you get a chance, tour one of the local breweries in Smyrna for an experience you’ll not soon forget. After all, whether it follows a hard day’s work, or a hard day’s play, beer is universal.

The founders of International Beer Day have identified three core goals of the holiday: bring people together to enjoy beer, celebrate the men and women who brew and serve it, and recognize the great global unifier that is good beer. This year, join the global celebration by finding a local Smyrna bar with an extensive beer menu. Whether it’s traditional ales and ambers, or ciders, stouts, and nitro beers, buy a round for your friends, try something new, and pair it with a great meal to make this International Beer Day complete. From farm fresh burgers to sustainably sourced seafood and small plates for snacking, McCray’s Tavern has what you’ve been craving. Our knowledgeable bartenders can provide tips and suggestions if you’re looking to try something new, or find your favorite beers on tap.

McCray’s Tavern is your local Smyrna bar with the best selection of traditional and craft beer on tap and in the bottle. Join us as we celebrate International Beer Day and raise a toast to all things beer! Bring your friends, buy a pint for a stranger, or sip and celebrate on your own. Get the most out of International Beer Day at McCray’s!