Burgers and beer are as American as mom, apple pie, NASCAR and the NFL. That’s why your local tavern has a wonderful selection of burgers and beer to enjoy during a big game or when hanging out with friends.

But without trying to overthink the very fabric of American culture, why exactly do people love the combination so much? And, why do we think to ourselves, “Which tavern near me has the best burgers and beer?” Hopefully, these will help answer those important life questions.

Why Americans Love Burgers

Consider for a moment the fundamental ingredients in a juicy burger. High-protein beef with a high-carbohydrate bun. Putting those items alone in a warm sandwich quenches two biological nutritional needs. In simple terms, burgers are the body’s comfort food.

But burgers can also be seamlessly paired with additional fixings. Sautéed onions, mushrooms, cheeses, vegetables, ketchup, mustard, and other add-ons allow us to create a burger in our own image. A burger isn’t just a burger in American culture, it’s our burger. Just like you have a favorite sports team, style of apple pie and mom, there’s a burger just for you.

Why Americans Love Beer

It would be inaccurate to say that beer is purely an American love. Beer drinking is also a huge cultural touchstone in German brew houses and British pubs among many others. But American ingenuity may have outpaced other beer-loving countries with a fantastic variety of macro, micro, light and craft brews.
It may have taken more than 200 years since the shot heard around the world sparked the American Revolution, but we are in the midst of a Craft Beer Revolution never seen before in the history of the world. These days, your local tavern doesn’t just serve a half-dozen standard beers. That friendly pub offers a wealth of craft choices and one that suits your unique personality.

Pairing Burgers with Beer at Your Local Tavern

There are at least two ways you can look at beer-burger pairings. Either select your favorite beer and match it to the burger, or the other way around. Either way, consider how these popular beer-burger pairings the next time you are relaxing at a local tavern.

BBQ Burgers: Craft beer connoisseurs lean toward matching dark lagers with saucy burgers. The thinking is that they have enough carbonization to handle rich flavors but are just light enough so as not to overwhelm.

Cheesy Burgers: If you enjoy a prominent cheese flare to your best burger, pale ales are a popular pairing. They have that slightly bitter edge that matches up well with cheddars.
Big Flame Broiled Burgers: When faced with a large charbroiled patty, pairing it with a flavorful IPA can be an otherworldly experience. Keep that in mind the next time you ask yourself which tavern near me has your best beer-burger combination.

Don’t be afraid to play the field and explore new styles and pairings. Americans have a deep desire for burgers and beer, and your next love affair could be waiting at the local tavern.