Why Americans Loves Burgers & Beer

Burgers and beer are as American as mom, apple pie, NASCAR and the NFL. That’s why your local tavern has a wonderful selection of burgers and beer to enjoy during a big game or when hanging out with friends. But without trying to overthink the very fabric of American culture, why exactly do people love the combination so much? And, why do we think to ourselves, “Which tavern near me has the best burgers and beer?” Hopefully, these will help answer those important life questions. Why Americans Love Burgers Consider for a moment the fundamental ingredients in a juicy burger. High-protein beef with a high-carbohydrate bun. Putting those items alone in a warm sandwich quenches two biological nutritional needs. In simple terms, burgers are the body’s comfort food. But burgers can also be seamlessly paired with additional fixings. Sautéed onions, mushrooms, cheeses, vegetables, ketchup, mustard, and other add-ons allow us to create a burger in [...]

3 True Facts About St. Patricks Day

On Saturday, March 16, expect the most fun-filled St Patricks Day event Lawrenceville has ever seen in the Downtown Historic District. It’s a celebration when everyone is Irish for a day. But while people tip their glasses to ole St. Patrick around the world once per year, few people know the origins of the unofficial holiday. These are three true facts — not alternative ones — about the history of St. Paddy’s Day who might enjoy knowing. Why We Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day The Irish public holiday was initially intended to commemorate the death of the patron saint who ushered Christianity into Ireland. He was a Roman Britain who was abducted and brought to Ireland as a slave. Years after escaping, he returned to convert the Irish people and established churches, schools, and monasteries. We celebrate his death on March 17, 461. Myths About St. Patrick The most well-known legend about St. Patrick is that [...]

VIP Cabana’s for St. Paddy’s on Perry St.

VIP Cabanas for St. Paddy’s on Perry Private VIP Cabanas, sponsored by Slow Pour Brewery, available for purchase for parties of up to 8 people for the annual St. Paddy’s on Perry event in Historic Downtown Lawrenceville on Saturday, March 16th, 3 – 7 pm. Limited number available.Be close to the stage and all the action while enjoying your own private cabana – includes reserved VIP seats for up to 8 guests, a bucket of beer, snacks, water, personal server, and a gift basket. Presented by Oakhurst Realty Partners in partnership with McCray’s Tavern Lawrenceville, the City of Lawrenceville, and Local Republic.