Why National Double Cheeseburger Day is a thing and How You Should Celebrate It

Burgers are good. Cheeseburgers are great. Double Cheeseburgers, though, are the pinnacle of perfection. Not one, but two delicious grilled hamburgers, two slices of creamy melty cheese, between two freshly baked buns. Of course there’s a holiday to celebrate this culinary masterpiece! Coming soon, on September 15th, it’s National Double Cheeseburger Day! It All Started With A Hamburger… By the late 1800s, a rise in cattle ranching made it possible for more Americans to enjoy beef almost daily, and ground chuck burgers were the most affordable option for many. Cheese, however, wasn’t considered as a topping. While there are competing claims as to who invented the first cheeseburger, Lionel Sternberger is generally considered to be the originator. In 1926, at 16 years old, he dropped a slice of creamy American cheese on top of a sizzling burger at his father’s Pasadena, California sandwich shop, and history was made. Just a couple years later, the cheeseburger [...]

Give Mom a Break this National Lazy Mom’s Day

Mother’s Day may come once a year, but let’s face it, moms deserve a break no matter what month it is.  On September 6th, moms are taking the day off! It’s Lazy Mom’s Day! Help out with The Chores! Moms work hard all year long, gathering up toys, sorting laundry, shopping for groceries-- all those little chores really do add up. On Lazy Mom’s Day, encourage her to just let it all go. Let the dishes pile up!  Leave that pile of donations for another day! Even better, take care of them yourself so mom doesn’t have to worry about it in the future. Give Her A Spa Day! One of the best treats a mom can get is being allowed to sleep in, so let her snooze, or snuggle up with some binge-worthy shows in the morning. But for the ultimate Lazy Mom’s Day experience, send your wife or mom off to the spa [...]

Show Your Support for the Epilepsy Foundation by Helping McCray’s Fundraising Efforts This Month

We had a fantastic time at the Magnolia Run! It was the 36th year for the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia’s annual fundraising marathon, and we loved seeing everyone there! It’s not over yet, though-- for the entire month of August, we’re raising money to benefit this great cause with our Goodie-2-Shoes cocktail, a Vodka Hibiscus Cooler available at all of our McCray’s Tavern Locations (Smyrna, Lawrenceville, Midtown), and our sister restaurants as well (The Mill Kitchen and Bar in Historic Roswell, and Foxtrot Liquor Bar & Tiki Tango Hideaway Oasis in Midtown, Atlanta).  One hundred percent of the proceeds from this specialty cocktail will go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Georgia, to aid in their mission to prevent, control, and cure epilepsy!    Affecting individuals of all ages, 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy in their lifetime. This neurological disorder is marked by recurrent seizures related to abnormal electrical activity in the brain, and [...]

How to Kick Off The Semester Right This College Season

Summer is coming to a close and we’re sad to see it go. It’s the end of lazy days, and the start of a new school year, which means new courses, new books, and new friends. Whether you’re back to campus again, or heading off for year one, we’ve got a few tips to help your kick off the semester right!  Get all of your supplies ready! New school supplies are oddly satisfying--the smell of fresh notebook paper, the solid click of three-ring binders, pens and highlighters all lined up to go. Don’t make the mistake of showing up to your first day of classes unprepared. It’s the perfect time of year to find great deals on everything you’ll need this semester, and you don’t want to earn the ire your professors by asking for a spare pencil right off the bat. If you don’t already have one, consider investing in a laptop computer. It’ll [...]

International Beer Day is August 2nd – Here’s how you should celebrate!

Like many great things, International Beer Day began in a local bar amongst friends. It has since grown into a global celebration of our favorite drink, with over 200 countries celebrating every year on the first Friday in August. There’s no real historical significance to the date, the dog days of summer are generally just a great time to enjoy ice-cold beer-- and enjoy we shall! Join us this year as we raise a glass with beer-lovers around the world to toast the flavors we love and the people who provide it. Beer has always been great, but recently, the craft beer movement has been pushing flavor profiles to the next level. Fruits, florals, and heirloom grains are at the forefront, highlighting unique tastes and aromas. It’s not just about catching a buzz, though. These days, beers have complex layers of flavors that vary according to where they’re produced, and by whom. From brewers to [...]