Stop by Our Brand New East Cobb Location!

As we reopen our dining areas after COVID-19, the McCray’s family is happy to unveil a brand new location in East Cobb! Sitting at 4880 Lower Roswell Road, Suite 850 in Marietta, this fresh local eatery & pour house is a family-friendly affair with accommodations for all. We’ve built this restaurant with our diverse customers in mind. Our extra-large booths are perfect for families to enjoy comfortable seating while viewing our expansive array of television screens spaced throughout the building. For our regulars, we have a custom-built bar that spans the length of the entire back wall of the space. Bring your friends or mingle with other patrons as you enjoy local beer, whiskey, and bourbon.     The McCray’s family loves our community. We are always looking for ways to expand our reach so that more people can enjoy our diverse, American cuisine and original cocktails. Our newest East Cobb location allows us to [...]

Tips for Finding The Best Restaurant to Host Your Next Private Event

Whether it’s for a business, organization, or family reunion, planning a large event is no easy task. Searching for venues to accommodate your large guest list while also deciding on whether or not you want to cater or deal with the menu yourself can be a stressful ordeal. When planning a private event, you can easily merge your food and space needs by contacting your local restaurants and seeing if they have space for your group. Allowing a local eatery to host your private event will take hours of effort off your plate so that you can focus on the finer details that will make the event truly memorable.     How Big is Your Party? The first thing to consider when choosing between multiple restaurant locations for your event is space. Are the places you’re looking at able to set aside a separate area for your group, or do they already have a private [...]

Announcing the Grand Opening of McCray’s Tavern in East Cobb!

The McCray’s family is proud to welcome the newest addition to the family: our East Cobb location! This family-friendly bar and grill is located right off of Johnson’s Perry and Lower Roswell Road, and is now open to the public! We are very excited to have this grand opening during a time when we have just started to reopen our doors to the public after COVID-19.                         McCray’s Tavern in East Cobb features a warm and inviting atmosphere with a dining space with extra large and comfortable booths to accommodate families, plus a custom-built bar that covers the entire back wall of the building. We’ve gone all out when building this location - this restaurant has more TV’s than any of our other McCray’s locations for our customers to enjoy. The menu at this family-friendly tavern sought after in East Cobb will showcase fresh [...]

There’s A New Kid on The Block at McCray’s!

We’re excited to welcome the newest member of the McCray’s family, coming soon, McCray’s Tavern East Cobb! Located off Johnson’s Ferry and Lower Roswell Road, the new McCray's restaurant will be opening in the next few weeks, and we can’t wait! Owned by the same partners as our Midtown location, Scott Kerns, who also owns Carolyn's Gourmet Cafe in Atlanta, and Scott McCray are proud to introduce the new concept to the East Cobb area. They’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on the newest McCray’s Tavern facility, including a large, beautifully built custom bar that spans the entire back wall, extra-large booths for families, and more televisions than any McCray’s location yet!  Open, warm, and comfortably casual, this modern tavern will be serving up freshly crafted cocktails, local beers, and contemporary American fare for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch. With an expansive patio in beautiful Roswell, McCray’s Tavern is poised to become the best [...]

McCray’s in Lawrenceville is Re-Opening Its Doors!

After ten long weeks, McCray’s Tavern Lawrenceville is officially open again! We’ve missed our staff, we’ve missed our vendors, and most of all, we’ve missed our guests! Whether you stop by for curbside pickup, or join us in the dining room, we’re excited to welcome all our friends back to the Square! Like a lot of people, we were able to use the temporary shutdown as an opportunity to make some changes--and we think you’re gonna love them! Stop by today and check out our new space! We’ve renovated our interior and updated the rooftop patio to freshen things up. Step out onto the skyline, order a cocktail, and soak up the sunshine. Outdoor dining in Lawrenceville is the best way to spend a nice afternoon, and we sure have missed it! As many of you know, our entire industry was hit hard by the effects of the crisis, but thanks to the generous donations [...]

Enjoy Delicious Smoked Meats at McCray’s Smyrna

   That mouthwatering aroma you’ve noticed coming from West Village? That’s us! We’ve got a brand new smoker and we haven’t been shy about it. It's front and center on our outdoor patio in Smyrna, and it's rolling out the tantalizing temptation of savory smoked meat all throughout the area! Chef Mike Cook has been transformed into our in-house pitmaster, where he spends a good portion of his day tending to the meats outside. He starts with high-quality cuts of choice meats and a select mix of hard and soft woods, plus secret combinations of seasonings and dry rubs. But the real essential ingredient is found in the low temperature that’s precisely sustained over many hours. Not only does this low and slow method imbue a distinct, hearty flavor, it also results in incredibly tender bites.  You can find all our smoked meats in a new section on our McCray's Tavern Smyrna menu, appropriately titled [...]