East Cobb: Try a Tavern Lunch

Looking to try something different for lunch? Whether you're catching a break from work or headed out to explore East Cobb, McCray's Tavern is serving up the freshest tavern lunch in Marietta, every day of the week! What is tavern food? What makes a tavern different from a neighborhood bar? While bars and taverns both sell alcohol, a tavern also sells food similarly to a restaurant. Historically, taverns were establishments where travelers could stop for rest, food, and drink while traveling on the road. They provided a communal place to rest and fortify before continuing the journey, where many people meant many mouths, and lots of customers to keep happy. For that reason, the food served in taverns would be hearty, simple, and of course, delicious. Today, there are no hitching posts or carriage houses out front, but McCray's Tavern is still the perfect gathering spot for busy people on the go. [...]

It’s National Hamburger Day! Find the Best Hamburgers in Midtown at McCrays

Nobody loves burgers more than Americans. In fact, we eat more than 50 billion of them every year! And for the official start of summer, there's no better way to celebrate than digging into the perfect hamburger. That’s why we’re excited to celebrate National Hamburger Day on Friday, May 28.This day is perfectly timed to kick off Memorial Day weekend and gives us a chance to look into the history of the hamburger. Let’s find out more! History of the Hamburger The exact origin of the hamburger has been long disputed, but it's widely believed that the first Hamburg steaks were introduced to the U.S. by German immigrants during the 18th and 19th centuries. By the 1920s, someone had the bright idea to add a slice of melty cheese, and the cheeseburger was invented. During the 1940s, WWII GIs tried to rename hamburgers "Liberty Sandwiches," but it never really took off. Today, the best [...]

Looking for a Mint Julep near Smyrna?

We're off to the races! The Kentucky Derby kicks off on May 1st this year, and it's one of our favorite events of the spring season. It's fast-paced fancy fun, and it's also the birthplace of one of our favorite drinks, the mint julep! And with National Mint Julep day on May 30th, there's no better excuse to order one during your next meal out in Smyrna. Origins of the Mint Julep The mint julep is widely believed to have originated in Kentucky, with early uses being for medicinal purposes. In 1938, it became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, and today, the mint julep remains a popular cocktail particularly in the southern region of the United States. Its popularity at the derby remains unwavering: over the course of the two-day event, Churchill Downs bartenders serve more than 120,000 mint juleps every year. What goes into a mint julep? The drink is made [...]

Tavern Snacks and Brews that Pair Great with Karaoke

Hungry like the wolf? Don’t stop believin’, because we’ve got great news! Our weekly karaoke night is back, and it’s the most fun you’ll have in Lawrenceville! We're kicking off our latest happening with a look at some of the best tavern snacks and brews that pair great with karaoke. So settle in while we explore all the small things that make it big fun! Best Drinks for Karaoke While everyone loves a good old-fashioned sing-along, let's be honest. Karaoke is a whole lot more fun when you've had the right drinks in you. After all, the stronger the drink, the better the singer, right? Specialty cocktails are a great idea, but if you're looking to take it easy craft beers and fine wines are other great options for slow sipping. For house crafted cocktails, we recommend McCray's Bounce with buffalo trace from Mac's Chophouse, Demerara, angostura, Regan's Orange, and a Filthy Cherry bounce. [...]

McCray’s Showcase: Comedy Night | Lawrenceville

Are you ready to laugh, again!? Our Comedy Showcase hosted by Jessica It's All Good is back next Thursday, May 27th! Tickets include dinner and a pint of beer (or glass of wine) all while you get a ton of laughs with some of Atlanta's Top Comedians. We're gonna have a good time in Lawrenceville!   DINNER & CRAFT BEER OR HOUSE WINE INCLUDED WITH TICKETS:   TONY RIGATONI mushrooms + vodka sauce choice of protein: CHICKEN + SHRIMP + SALMON   GULF SHRIMP & POPCORN GRITS house tasso ham + pickled sweet peppers + bourbon tomato gravy   TERIYAKI SALMON served with mashed potatoes + green beans   STEAK FRITES parmesan fries + béarnaise  

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