Nobody loves burgers more than Americans. In fact, we eat more than 50 billion of them every year! And for the official start of summer, there’s no better way to celebrate than digging into the perfect hamburger. That’s why we’re excited to celebrate National Hamburger Day on Friday, May 28.This day is perfectly timed to kick off Memorial Day weekend and gives us a chance to look into the history of the hamburger. Let’s find out more!

History of the Hamburger

The exact origin of the hamburger has been long disputed, but it’s widely believed that the first Hamburg steaks were introduced to the U.S. by German immigrants during the 18th and 19th centuries. By the 1920s, someone had the bright idea to add a slice of melty cheese, and the cheeseburger was invented. During the 1940s, WWII GIs tried to rename hamburgers “Liberty Sandwiches,” but it never really took off. Today, the best way to celebrate National Hamburger Day is, of course, to sink your teeth into a delicious hamburger. We suggest finding the best hamburgers in Midtown, and exploring some unique burger options near you!

Unique Burgers

How do you top a 100% USDA Prime beef patty piled with a slice of American cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, pickles, tomato, and onion, all sandwiched between two perfectly grilled buns? Add more toppings! One of the best things about burgers is they are the perfect vessel for creative flavors and textures. This year for National Burger Day, you can find the most unique burgers in Midtown Atlanta at McCray’s Tavern. Our Matador is a heavy contender, topped with honey bacon jam, Gouda, homemade spicy BBQ sauce, and crispy pickled jalapeno. Or try the Montfort Square, with homemade pimento cheese, thick-cut crispy bacon, and pickled jalapeno. There’s nothing better than biting into a burger with unusual toppings and discovering it’s your new favorite meal!

Best Hamburgers Midtown Atlanta

If you’re looking for the best hamburger in Midtown there’s only one place to go: McCray’s Tavern! Sizzling all beef patties, crispy cold vegetable toppings, and ooey gooey cheese are our specialty. Be inspired, and try something new for your next working lunch or weeknight happy hour. Whether it’s for National Hamburger Day, or any other day, burgers from our classic American tavern can turn any event into a celebration.

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