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5 Reasons To Book Your Company’s Christmas Party In The Month Of July

We would like to introduce you, dear reader, to something very special. It’s called “Half Christmas” and it could very well be the next best event your company has decided to host.

Half-Christmas is a term coined by a Comedy Central series called Workaholics, and when they’re not causing dozens of office policy violations they’re establishing classic work parties and events that can be enjoyed by the whole company. Not only this, but booking your company’s Christmas Party in July can lead to many other unexpected benefits – read on to find out!

Reason #1: It’s Cheaper

In the current economy, businesses are constantly looking for new ways to cut costs. In some cases, businesses have abandoned company-hosted gatherings like the annual Christmas party altogether, due to the hefty price tag that comes with such an event. This can lead to a drop in employee morale and energy, resulting in less productivity and a general air of “hum-bug” throughout the entire office.

Instead of giving the office Christmas party the cut, why not host it 6 months early? It may seem quite silly, but that amusing sense of unorthodox enthusiasm is in the very spirit of Half Christmas. It’s meant to invigorate in a time of prevalent conventionalism.

During the month of July you’ll be able to rent different venues at a lower cost, you can capitalize on major discounts for Christmas party supplies by waiting until after December to make the purchases, and instead of creating a highly expensive feast you can utilize the Summer’s bountiful harvest of fruits and berries with a backyard grill to make some tasty burgers and hotdogs!

Reason #2: It Provides A Much Needed Boost To Employee Morale

As mentioned above, cutting the Company Christmas party can be a real drag for the employees, but hosting a brand new tradition in the month of July can make the difference necessary to give everyone that cheery holiday jubilation during one of the hotter months of the year.

Nothing says “I have a great job” like popsicles and ice-cream while the office is covered in fake snow in the middle of Summer. The employees can take part to make the event a fun, exciting break from work. Afterwards, once the office is back in work-worthy shape, everyone will be revitalized from mirth and light-hearted fun had during their new favorite tradition – Half Christmas.

Reason #3: Your Company Can Write A Press Release

If you’re in the type of company that is looking for a new, innovative way to display your superior business ethics and get the public talking, then a press release about the jolly times had at your Half Christmas cookout might be just the thing your company is looking to do next.

It’s a fun, unique way to let everyone know that your business is innovative not only through your service and products, but through your appreciation of employees and your standards of workplace enthusiasm and motivation!

Reason #4: It Builds And Strengthens Employee Relationships

At a time where holiday spirits are high and gift-giving is tradition, employees are able to break out of the usual work routine and learn more about each other on a personal level. Through this stronger connection and understanding, they’ll have a special time receiving gifts from one another.

Or if you prefer something more laid back, the company can play a “dirty santa” gift-giving game. This is where each member purchases a random gift, without aiming to give it to anyone in particular. Then, the gift pool is collected from everybody and each employee receives a numbered ticket.

Then, each employee chooses a wrapped present at random, based on the number of their ticket – from 1st to last. The reason it’s called dirty santa is because each employee has the opportunity to take a present from someone who went prior to them, causing the other employee to choose a second present and so on.

Whether it’s small, entertaining games like this or chatting around a company grill, employees will be able to talk to one another and build relationships and strengthen the overall richness of the workforce.

Reason #5: It Increases Creativity And Productivity In The Workplace

Creativity plays a huge role in employee involvement and productivity in the workplace. It keeps our minds active and instigates us to constantly look for innovation and improvement. It inspires us to be industrious and hard-working and is a driving force to become better.

However, creativity can stagnate when work becomes overly routine and stale. A Half Christmas part in the month of July is different, innovative, and is just unique enough to peak an employees interest and allow them to tap into their creative side.

Get employees involved with the party by having a meeting discussing possible activities and events that can happen during Half Christmas. Perhaps a slip-n-slide could be the new brand of “snow-sledding” competition. A few employees can dig up a few Christmas supplies and decorate the office to inspire that that Half Christmas sense of glee. The possibilities are endless!

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