How to Choose the Perfect Party Room

Finding the perfect venue is one of the major tasks to complete while planning your party. Most people have a mental image of how the gathering will look as they begin their search, but finding a party room to accommodate your group can be very stressful. The venue that you choose is critical to making sure that the gathering is pulled off successfully. You must find a space that is the right size, has the amenities that you desire and presents the perfect atmosphere to complete your vision. If any of those aspects are forgotten, you might find yourself regretting your decision and unable to enjoy the big night.

This is your party, and you should take part in the celebrating without having to worry about your room being accommodating. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the perfect party room.

Size of Your Gathering

You will need a basic headcount of attending guests in order to choose a room that will be perfect for your gathering. To do so, write out a guest list that includes every person that you will invite. Include children and plus ones if you will be allowing your guests to escort a friend. After you have created a guest list, begin searching for venues that are large enough to accommodate each person. It’s better to have a room that is too large than one where people are limited on space.

Send out your invitations with an RSVP and clear instructions for a deadline in which you will need to know who will be attending. Expect some people to not be able to make it to your party, and others to come without an RSVP. A good rule of thumb is to plan to seat 75 percent of the people on your guest list.

Does the Room Feel Right?

When you begin to plan your party, chances are that you already have a vision in your head of what that party will look like, even if that vision is a work in progress. As you tour different party rooms, pay attention to the ambience and vibe and try to picture your party set up and in full swing in the space. If the room feels right, excellent. If it does not feel that your party would be a good fit, keep searching until you find a venue that meets your expectations.


Many venues provide buffet style catering, sit down dinners, restrooms, cocktail hour hors d’oeuvres, a D.J. and dancefloor and even private bars. You will need to look into the amenities of the venues that you visit and narrow down your selections to places that have everything that you will want and need.

McCray’s private party rooms are designed to accommodate virtually any party for any occasion. They can seat a larger number of guests and provide full catering as well as some excellent amenities. For more information, visit our private party page or contact a representative at McCray’s Tavern today.