Elements of a Tavern: Separating the Good from the Bad

If your workweek feels like one continuous day with no end in sight, then chances are, you look forward to the weekend and time to unwind. And when it comes to finding a place to unwind and rejuvenate in Atlanta, there are many options to consider. But exactly what are the features that make an Atlanta tavern The Place to hang out? Here are some suggestions from those who frequent pubs and taverns.

* The food- It’s no longer enough to merely have wings, mozzarella sticks and a few other fried offerings. Today’s tavern needs to have a wider menu that is built on homemade appetizers, upscale salads and sides, entrees and delectable desserts. In fact, many taverns are now being referred to as gastro-puba, which are renowned for such delicacies as onion jams, smoked chicken with apples and bacon and a selection of local fruits and veggies.

* Not your average drinks – While a wide range of light and dark ales, lagers, and IPAs are a must have, today’s successful tavern will also have a nice wine selection, there may even be a few cocktails, but these are not likely to be the prime focus.

* Décor and atmosphere – While food and drinks are certainly the primary reason people visit a local tavern, atmosphere is equally important in drawing a crowd. Think carefully about the lighting, the quality of the service and even the music you play. As you plan the décor, consider using rich colors, warm woods and comfortable seating with subdued lighting, but not necessarily white linen tablecloths and fine china.

* Service – As with any dining establishment, there must be dependable, prompt, friendly service. It is the rare patron who is content to sit for an extended time without having their order taken and filled.

* The action – Whether it is karaoke, pool, local music talent or some other option, many taverns find that having some type of entertainment lends to their success.

The Atlanta tavern scene offers a rich and varied selection of venues, from those with Southern charm to Irish themed taverns, so no matter your style or mood, you are certain to find just the place to kick back and forget about the workweek. For a place where food, drinks, comradery and relaxation meet, visit one of Atlanta’s local bar and grills like Mccray’s Tavern.